Hovr Bracket Slim

  • 55kg strong with correct installation
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free shipping with over €150

Made from 6063 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the Hovr Bracket Slim has a maximum load capacity of 55kg at a 20cm depth. 

First time ordering?
 Make sure you add-on the Installation Bit Pack.

10x Stronger & Durable

• 2.826cm

• 2.23cm

• 60.9cm
• 119.38cm

• Male Bracket to Wall

• Mat Aluminum Finish - Non-Coated

• 6063 T6 Aluminum

Weight Capacity
• 55kg Average at a 20cm depth*
Cut the Bracket to Save
In order to save some material, as long as the shelf and bracket are installed correctly, the bracket is strong enough to be using the 1:2 ratio. Meaning that the brackets can be 1/2 the length of the shelf itself. But we always suggest to use 2 studs at a minimum.
Any Size Shelf Possible
You can combine brackets to use for any length of shelf required.
What's Included
What's In The Box
• Hovr Bracket System
• 1 x Corresponding Alan Key
• 1 x Drill Bit Small (3/16”)

For each 119cm Bracket
• 8 long screws
• 25 short screws
• 4 set screws

Each Order Comes With
• No more floating shelf sag
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
• All Required Screws
• Any length possible (you can combine brackets together)

Tough & Long Lasting

Our bracket has the ability for a max weight load of 55kg at a 20cm depth. This allows for your project to last the test of time.




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load capacity*


day guarantee*



Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
david bastarache

Should be a bit of longer to grab one more stud.

Carey Graybill

Worked ok, not sure they are worth the price

Tim Leuer
Well made and good performers

We have just completed the installation of 3 shelves including an inside corner using the Hovr brackets and are very pleased with the outcomes. Our shelves were Black Walnut and 2 were 10" wide and 1, 12" wide. Our shelves were cut on a steam powered wheel saw and unfortunately, my specification to the sawyer was a bit off and the shelves dried to a thickness of 1.25"...not good and not within the specs recommended for these "slim" brackets. We decided to give it a try anyway, and with very careful dado work on the table saw, was able to fit them. I would not even think of trying to cut the dado with a chisel or even a fence-guided router. We used a table saw with a dado blade but a router table with multiple passes would work just as well. These brackets must mount perfectly flush with the edge of the shelf , because it is this edge which provides the surface to keep the shelf from sagging. Note: this is important because the way the brackets are made, the lower portion of the male bracket can push into the lower portion of the female bracket. If the bracket is slightly proud of the top of the shelf, it will sag until the lower corner of the shelf contacts the wall. This happened to us on the first shelf and we were forced to add some very small hardwood shims to level the shelf( we didn't want to redo the dado). With this lesson learned, our next 2 shelves hung perfectly level. Also, btw, Hovr's tip #2 is absolutely critical. After installing the male bracket to the wall, check it for straightness with a straight edge and make sure it does not "teeter" on a high point nor have a gap behind it anywhere. If it does, you will NOT be able to hook the female portion and shelf to it. Incidentally, the screws provided have a head that matches the radius of the male bracket but does not center the hole left to right. You must do this prior to marking your second hole. It does not affect the installation, but only where the screw lands on the stud.
The real reason we ordered this particular bracket is its ability to move the shelf left or right on the wall once mounted as long as you leave some space at the end of the female bracket. This ability allows you to use them on inside mitered corners. Overall, would I use them again? Yup...any bracket system that does not require drilling 4 plumb and square holes into something is a real plus!

Christopher Phillips
Hovr Slim bracket

The best floating shelf brackets on the market. You get what you pay for and these are worth every cent. I love the slim bracket because it's MUCH easier for a shelf that is 2 inches thick.

Brad Fackrell
Love the brackets

These are very sturdy and much stronger than anything I've used in the past for floating shelves. I continue to re order them.

Hey Brad, glad you like them! Thanks for the review!